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Nashville North or The "Ville" as it's affectionately known already in the Northwest is the full circle vision of Country Star Jeremy McComb and Businessman/Alcohol distribution expert Bob Kreaman.


"We met each other while I was playing in this building when it was the hottest thing in the area. Back then it was called Kelly's. 

I was in The Kelly Hughes Band and Bob was the club's beer guy." McComb said about the endeavor. "It's crazy that both of us really got our start and began to build our names in this building and now owning it. We wanted to bring our vision to this area, our hometown and really bring back the excitement in the nightlife that used to be here." McComb Adds.


That Vision is a 11,000 square foot piece of Music City in the heart of Stateline,Idaho, which lies in a valley surrounded by the Northwest mountains.


"Bob has been in a million clubs that have and haven't worked and I've toured for 20 years around the country and have lived in Nashville nearly 13 years so we started talking about creating a unique experiencethat has never been implemented in the area. All the things that we've seen that worked across the country and putting our spin on it from our experiences, building the first and ONLY Nashville Honkytonk in the region."


The "Ville" is a Live Music Venue and Dance Club, open only on Friday & Saturday which features National tours throughout the year while boasting a regional powerhouse band every weekend.

Since Opening in 2014 Nashville North Has been voted the #1 Live Music Venue and Dance Club in the region (Year after year).

Providing a Safe place for all, especially our female customers. With Staff walkouts upon request we strive to ensure a Safe and fun environment for everyone. 

It has all the charm of music city while catering to the absolute experience, whether it be from the atmosphere of the club or the "Tailgate Party Cove" where you can sit on an actual truck tailgate while watching a National tour or amazing rising star live and upclose.


Nashville North is the result of two worlds of expertise in separate worlds of business, a 20 year friendship and a Love for the country Lifestyle of the NORTHWEST!  

Make sure you check out the biggest dance floor in the region (Over 3,000 sq ft) and enjoy this unique experience for yourself!

Our Owners

Bob Kreaman


Jeremy McComb

Bob Kreaman grew up in Port Angeles, Washington before moving to North Idaho  20 years ago. Bob's extreme work ethic partnered with an unparalleled knack for connecting with people jumped him through the ranks of the regions largest beer distributors. Literally scaling the totem pole of every level imaginable. He became one of the most successful Alcohol experts and salesman in the Northwest. After mastering and working for several distribution companies, his sales reputation and his relationships built through the area, Kreaman was offered a highly sought after position working for the State of Idaho for their liquor interests.

He continually was recognized for his work before leaving to partner on the Ville and run the day to day operations as onsite owner of The Ville.  Bob is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys spending family time with his Two boys and wife Kimberly who enjoys a successful career working with the areas youth. 


Jeremy McComb has a story that reads more like a script on a hit TV Show.

*Quit school to play in clubs at 16-

*became a Music Director/Afternoon radio personality at a top 100 market by 21- 

*At 23 began a 3 1/2 year trip as Road Manager and collaborator w/ Comedian Superstar

Larry the Cable Guy- 

* Wrote movie sound tracks (One Nominated for a grammy),

* Wrote songs for TV and finally landed a major label record deal in Nashville.

McComb has enjoyed 5 singles at country radio, CMT/GAC Videos, Four album releases with a His New Album already OVER 1.1 million streams and the most successful Tours and sales of his career.. In 2013 he married Kourtney Hansen, an actress who plays "Emily" on the ABC hit TV show "Nashville" for the entire 6 year run of the show.  McComb Tours through Nashville North 3-4 Times a year while making regular business stops.

When not on the road he enjoys downtime with His wife and 3 kids in Nashville, TN

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